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Abdel-Rahman Mohamed A, Khater SI, Metwally MMM, Bin Emran T, Nassan MA, Abd El-Emam MM, Mostafa-Hedeab G, El-Shetry ES. TGF-β1, NAG-1, and antioxidant enzymes expression alterations in Cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in a rat model: Comparative modulating role of Melatonin, Vit. E and Ozone. Gene 2022;820:146293. [PMID: 35143943 DOI: 10.1016/j.gene.2022.146293] [Citation(s) in RCA: 2] [Impact Index Per Article: 2.0] [Reference Citation Analysis] [What about the content of this article? (0)] [Affiliation(s)] [Abstract] [Key Words] [MESH Headings] [Track Full Text] [Journal Information] [Subscribe] [Scholar Register] [Received: 11/28/2021] [Revised: 01/23/2022] [Accepted: 02/03/2022] [Indexed: 12/24/2022]